Our Journey

Co-founders Will and Alex first met in Ghana volunteering. Throughout the 10 weeks of their volunteering placement in Ghana with the charity Lattitude, as part of the government funded ICS programme, they were exposed to severe poverty, and a lack of access to basic education for many. They worked diligently on growing the numbers of locals that participated in their homework clubs and school time lessons, and worked hard in establishing a framework upon which future volunteers could build. Upon their return journey they were required to participate in an 'Action at Home' project that would bring their Lattitude journey full circle and give back to their local communities. Alex came to Will with a bigger, more daring project that sought not only to produce a temporary charitable project, but a charity itself.

After having heard statistics such as 1.2 million children will leave primary schools by 2020 not being able to read, Will and Alex were alarmed at such a high number and felt more and more set on the idea of starting Students4Students; the pieces were set.

Starting from zero resources, zero knowledge, and zero help Alex and Will strove to develop an idea from scratch that would combine their experience in Ghana with their own passions for societal change. Students4Students was born with the idea to educate disadvantaged primary school students not reaching their potential, while giving the opportunity for university and sixth form students to tutor and gain a similar experience to that which Alex and Will had in Ghana months prior.

Alex and Will began by recruiting a committee. With ambitions to grow the charity to a national level, a central and dedicated group of exceptional students was required to kickstart the charity. Oxford University students made up the incredible committee, and have been doing a fantastic job in running and keeping on top of the day to day demands of the charity.

Since establishing in Oxford, two schools have signed up with Students4Students, and a host of volunteer tutors have joined the charity. With an exceptional first training day for the initial batch of tutors, they are more than ready to enhance the learning capabilities of their paired primary school students.

The next stage for the charity is expansion. With Will working on establishing a committee for London and meeting with various primary schools in the area, and Alex and co working hard on expanding within Oxfordshire and Alex's hometown of St Alban's, by September the charity will truly be nationwide.

Students4Students has come a long way since its inception on a return flight from Ghana, and it has a long way to go yet before it, and millions of primary schools students, reach their full potential.